Enterprise Zones

Application: New construction, expansion, or renovation projects

Benefit: Abatement of property taxes

The Ohio Enterprise Zone (“EZ”) program is an economic development tool administered by counties and municipalities that provides real and/or personal property tax incentives to companies expanding or relocating in Ohio. Investments that may trigger an EZ tax exemption include the:

  1. creation of a new facility entailing significant investment in real or personal property other than inventory;
  2. expansion of land, buildings, machinery, or equipment equal to at least 10% of the value of the current facility;
  3. renovation equal to at least 50% of the value of the current facility; or
  4. occupation of an existing, vacant facility with occupation-related expenditures exceeding at least 20% of the value of the vacant facility.

An EZ agreement between the company and the county or municipality granting the tax exemption must be in place before the investment is made or the project begins. The rate and term of the tax exemption are negotiated between the local officials and the company and can be up to 15 years and up to100% with approval of the local school district, or up to 10 years and either 75% (for property within city or village boundaries) or 60% (for property outside of city or village boundaries) without approval of the local school district. The Wilmington Air Park is located within a limited-authority Enterprise Zone. A limited-authority Enterprise Zone obliges companies relocating from another area in Ohio to this location to obtain a waiver from the Ohio Development Services Agency in order to be eligible for the local real property tax exemption.

The Clinton County Port Authority will be happy to facilitate negotiations for an aggressive real property tax abatement. We can commence the application and negotiation process as soon as project parameters are defined.

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