Doing Business in Clinton County

Clinton County affords its businesses and residents an array of opportunities. Situated along the I-71 corridor, the county is home to industry leaders in aviation, air cargo, pharmaceuticals, automotive cokmponents, polymer manufacturing, and logistics. Offering a variety of available sites and facilities - including the 1,900-acre Wilmington Air Park - and a diverse, well-trained workforce, Clinton County offers site solutions of all shapes and sizes.

Clinton County Port Authority Services

The Clinton County Port Authority serves as the county’s comprehensive economic development organization, representing all local communities in site improvement and marketing strategies, corporate site selection, and local business expansion programs.  The Port Authority staff and seven-member Board of Directors, with strong private sector leadership experience, are closely aligned with State-level leadership at JobsOhio.  Providing appropriate and aggressive incentives, financing options, and overall solutions to business growth and relocation opportunities are areas of expertise for us.  Please contact us today to learn more about our county and engage us in your exciting plans!